Conditions for benefiting from the VAT exemption in Turkey

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The value of the added tax in Turkey ranges between 1 percent to 18 percent, depending on the type of investment, and after the issuance of the advantages of tax exemptions with regard to real estate investments in Turkey, and there are many investors who can enjoy the benefits of these exemptions under certain conditions, and in this report we are going to explain how to obtain On these exemptions in Turkey and their conditions. The Turkish government is seeking to provide facilities for foreign investors to try to attract them to the business market in Turkey, and of course one of the government’s facilities for foreign investors not residing in Turkey is the exemption from value-added tax. The only beneficiaries of this benefit are foreign individuals not residing in Turkey and foreign companies not based in Turkey. Conditions for benefiting from the VAT exemption: To obtain a tax exemption certificate, an application must be submitted to the Turkish tax authorities, and After securing the following conditions: – The foreign investor must not be residing in Turkey. – The absence of any foreign company entities headquarters in Turkey. Not residing in Turkey for more than 6 months during the past year. Not having a valid residence permit in Turkey from last year. – The presence of bank transfers that prove that the money paid comes from outside Turkey, with the payment of real estate investment in foreign currency. It is not possible to sell the property benefiting from the tax exemption again for a period of one year. – There is no registered address in Turkey. New real estate is included in this exemption, while old real estate is not included in it. Real estate included in the exemption is residential buildings, offices or workplaces.

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